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Unworthy Servant - according to Jesus

In my S.O.A.P. devotion this morning I am reading Luke 17. Jesus is throwing down some great teaching like usual. He's talking about sin, faith, the coming Kingdom of God...

Luke 17:10 ESV Unworthy Servants

But it's something Jesus teaches about our DUTY as Christians that gave me pause this morning. He says I am to refer to myself as an "unworthy servant". (ESV) That word can also be unprofitable... but for someone like me who spent many years in retail sales, that means the same thing. NOT WORTHY

At first reading, this hurts my feelings. I like to be valued and appreciated. If my wife tells me I'm an unworthy husband, after I cry a minute... I am going to go sulk in a corner and have a pity party. Because I try hard to be a worthy husband. I want her to appreciate me and even SHOW me her appreciation at times. Sometimes it's with words, or with a favorite meal cooked for dinner or something married people do that grosses out their kids. (Kissy Wissy's)

But Jesus didn't just slap us with an unworthy stamp here. He put some context to why we should say this about ourselves first. Read Luke 10:7-9. Jesus talks about the master's servant who does the job he is paid to do. Does the master owe the servant MORE? No. The servant has simply done the servants duty. He has not rendered a service to the master beyond what was already due. The master owes the servant nothing he hasn't already agreed to pay. Therefore, the servant is "unworthy" of additional praise.

Now I feel bad for a different reason. I need to asses my servant/master relationship with Jesus here. You see, Jesus paid a huge price for me to have a relationship with God. He didn't have to, He chose to because He loves me. He paid the ultimate price when He died on a cross, so MY sins could be forgiven. I have New Life because of it. There is nothing I can ever give or do for God that will repay Him for what He has already given me.

Martin Luther is quoted as saying:

"A Christian man is the most free lord of all, and subject to none; a Christian is the most dutiful of all, and subject to everyone."

This quote seems to contradict itself. But it's so true. Jesus gave us freedom that is untouchable. No power on this earth can separate us from the love of God. I am FREE in Christ. But with that freedom comes obligation to serve Jesus. My duty is the love God and to love others as myself. I am free. And in my freedom, I must serve. I dont HAVE to... I GET to. It's a joy to be in God's Will. His promises are already mine, they are part of my pay package as a Christian. (My retirement benefits are out of this world amazing! LOL)

So, am I doing my duty? Can I repeat what Jesus said I should say with conviction that it's true? "I am an unworthy servant; I have only done MY duty." I have some work to do. All praise and honor to God. Because He IS worthy.

"Lord, I am your humble servant. Help me to never forget the great price you paid for my freedom. I love you Jesus. Please give me a greater sensitivity to your Holy Spirit to know your Will and the strength and desire to obey it. Help me to do my duty. Your unworthy servant, Kamron" AMEN

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