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I Can't DO THIS!

Have you ever felt unprepared for your own life?

Chances are good you have.

The schedule YOU set for your day is simply impossible to accomplish. You over promised your time in 5 different places and you will be letting someone down at some point. Or, you agreed to do something you have no ability to complete. Or, out of no where... some big problem hit you when you least expected it and it seems impossible to get through it. Everything you touch seems to be breaking...

So you scream inside, "I Just CAN'T Do This Today!"

But that's when trusting in Jesus comes in. You have access to God that allows you to get through with His strength and His plan!

In our SOAP today in Psalm 7, David speaks about needing God's protection from his enemy. He obviously feels he is ill equipped. So, David does what WE need to do when we feel unable to do LIFE... call on the Lord for His strength.

I remember years ago when I was just starting out in ministry. I had been here in Onaway for just a few short years. Finances in the church were so bad our general fund was about $9,000 in the hole. It was really bad. I wasn't sure how much longer we'd be able to maintain paying the bills.

And then it happened. No, we didn't suddenly have a windfall of income. Quite the opposite. The shingles on the churches roof began blowing off in pieces. I would walk outside on any given day and see chunks of the roof laying on the ground! We didn't need another $10,000 BILL when we were almost $10,000 in the hole.

So I did what comes natural when we feel overwhelmed and incapable of making it through... I started thinking maybe God was telling me to quit. Pack up and go. This isn't working out and "I Just CAN'T Do This Today."

But that's when I ran to the Lord instead. I laid all the financial problems and my doubts and fears... at Jesus feet. "Here you go Lord, these belong to you now." And as I gave God my trust in this huge problem, and by FAITH I walked forward, trusting He would come through... Guess what? He did.

We amazingly were able to not only put on a brand new roof on the church, but in the same amount of time we were able to get our finances back in the positive. And I don't think it was a coincidence that for the next 3 years we had a solid growth in the church that was amazing, exciting and ALL God's doing.

We serve an amazing God. He is our protector, our provider and our strength in times when we don't have those things.

There's this statement I hear often that is untrue. It's "God won't allow anything in my life that I can't handle." IT'S SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

BTW, The Bible does say God won't allow a temptation you can't resist. (1 Corinthians 10:13) But you WILL have things in life you can't handle. Like David as he is crying out to God in Psalm 7.

So, when you find yourself overwhelmed and crying out... who SHOULD you turn to?

Because you WILL have things happen you can't get through. You WILL have days you can't accomplish everything you need to. You WILL have financial struggles. You WILL have unexpected situations that make you want quit and walk away from life.

Take a breath. Look to Jesus. And pray. "I just can't do this today Lord. HERE! I am giving this to you. I am trusting in you. Amen"

Psalm 138:3 (NIRV)

When I called out to you, you answered me. You made me strong and brave.

He will give you the strength to persevere. He will make you BRAVE! I love that. And you can give God the PRAISE as He takes you by the hand and walks with you through this life.

Don't quit. Don't give up. Don't accept defeat because you "just can't do it".

Call on the Lord. Walk by Faith. Be BRAVE.

God's got your back my friend.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Kamron

Lead Pastor - Awaken Church

Onaway, MI

Need a little extra boost with this... check out this great worship song called "You Make Me Brave":

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