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On Tuesdays, I watch a couple of my grandsons. Boone Louis is 10 months old. He has already begun to walk and is a speed crawler. With these skills developed, he is into everything.

Tuesday, it was the dog water dispenser. He had already found it while crawling around, but that day was different. He was relentless. He was going to get to that water no matter what.

My desire is for him to realize, like my other grands, that the dog water is off-limits. It's a no-no. I had said "no" in many voice tones, even accompanied by actions. Clapping my hands and calling his name still didn't help. After moving him away many times, I went for a different tactic. This is the difference between a parent and a grandparent. As a parent, I would've probably been much more firm, using my strong authoritative parent voice. I would have taken their little hand and tapped it to further stress my point. But my grandmothers' heart didn't want to make him cry. I had time to work with him, so I developed another strategy that I implemented.

I barricaded the water between the kitchen chairs. He was able to weave himself over the chair bars and splash. I added some other obstacles with the barricaded chairs. This made it harder, but he figured it out and got his little hand through and was able to splash. These efforts slowed him down but did not stop him. He had a determination and tenacity that amazed me.

He did not forget or relent. He was so focused and determined to get to the water. I picked him up and removed him from the area multiple times, but he just crawled back into the kitchen. I placed toys in front of him after moving him in an attempt to distract. That was only momentarily successful. He truly outlasted me. As soon as I would relax and think "there," before I knew it, he was at it again.

Of course, through all this Grandma indulgence, I received a thought. It was as if the Lord challenged me, saying, "Can you imagine what would be accomplished in my Kingdom if my children came after me with the same determination Boone has for splashing in that water?"

I was surprised and began to recollect his behavior. First, his eye caught the goal. He focused on what he wanted and went after it. He knew his goal and did not let things get in his way. He didn't throw a fit and cry and pout after it didn't work out easily. After getting at that water once, he wanted it more, and he went after it again. He did not give up even when attractive distractions were placed right in front of him.

We can learn from babies. We are told to come to the Father as little children. Learn to be aggressive in the things of God. The best things are pursued. It won't be easy, and distractions will abound. We can't just sit back, hoping it happens. We must each determine, I'm all in, and I'll do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. I want more of God. I want to experience greater things through Him. Don't let distractions play their tricks, instead Stay the course, and claim victory with God.

"I keep trying to reach the goal and get the prize for which God called me through Christ to the life above." Phil 3:14 NCV "I pursue, looking towards the goal, for the prize of the calling on high of God in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14 DARBY



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