• Becky Cope

Peace Be Still

"He made the storm calm, and the sea waves were still." Psalms 107:29 MEV This morning as I sit by the lake, the water could not be calmer. It is glassy smooth. This is the same water surface that was wild with wave after white-capped wave just the other day. The waves were relentless as they broke unto the shoreline. They dominated the whole lake surface, surging and churning. But then the waves quieted, and now it is as if it never happened. Peace and calm.

I love the song, Peace Be Still. I thought I would write about it yesterday during the waves devotional, but it didn't go that direction. Now on this super calm morning, it is strong in my thoughts. The lyrics start with:

I don't want to be afraid,

Every time I face the waves.

I don't want to fear the storm

Just because I hear the roar.

I'm not gonna be afraid,

'Cause these waves are only waves I'm not gonna fear the storm You are greater than it's roar I'm not gonna fear at all! When we are in the storm, the waves can be scary and wild. Worrisome thoughts try to be our focus. Waves of worry, trouble, or fear of the unknown can consume our minds and energies. It is easy for that focus to fill us with fear of the "what if's." It's not until we get on the other side of that storm that we marvel and can see, I made it! I was OK all along. What was I so afraid of? The bridge for the song is where the power is. As we realize the fearful waves of life are knocking us around, we have the power to take authority through Jesus! "Peace be still" You are here, so it is well Even when my eyes can't see, I trust and believe. Let faith, rise up Oh heart, believe Let faith rise up in me If it's true that experience is a great teacher, this lesson of the waves reminds me that things can come up that makes life really rough for a while. Remember, in yesterday's verse, Jesus was IN the boat with the disciples. Through our trust in God, we don't have to live in fear. As we focus on God's word and not our situations (the waves), we will weather the storms, unafraid, come what may. God is in it all. He is with us.

"He rose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace, be still!" Then the wind ceased and there was a great calm." Mark 4:39 MEV



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