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From the cleaning crew, to our kid's church leaders and our church board... we have some amazing people who serve here to make Awaken Church SHINE!

Pastor Kamron Oberlin

When Pastor Kamron officially became the pastor at Awaken Church in February of 2010, it was a giant leap of faith. Not just for Pastor Kamron but also for his wife Shanon and their four kids. But if you ask him, it has been an amazing adventure that is still ongoing. Onaway is now "home" for the Oberlin family and as the church continues to grow, Pastor Kamron can't wait to see what will happen next.

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    One thing that Onaway has instilled in Pastor Kamron is an even greater appreciation for the outdoors. Fishing and hunting are now some of his favorite hobbies. (So you probably won't find him in his office on November 15th. LOL)


    Pastor Kamron and Shanon have 2 teenagers, KJ (17yrs old) and Audrey (15yrs old).  They are becoming little adults and Pastor Kamron is so proud of them both. In the past few years Pastor Kamron and Shanon have also become licensed foster care parents. They are currently caring for twin 3 year olds... another whole adventure in itself!


    Most days (except Monday's, that's his day off!) you will find Pastor Kamron in the office at church. Feel free to stop in and say hello!

welcome to

Awaken Church

We want to welcome you to Awaken Church … a church full of people who love Jesus and simply want to spread the Good News with the entire world!  We are not perfect, we don’t have it “all together” and we know we make mistakes … if you can relate, then you will fit right in here!


Sunday Morning : 10:30 AM

Wednesday:  6:30 PM



Sunday Morning : 10:30 AM



Sunday Evening : 6 PM



Tuesday : 10:30 AM

We start Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM and it generally runs until about 12:00 PM. We offer all 3 of our kids ministries that all run during our Sunday morning service. Please show up a few minutes early so you can get them settled in and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea while you wait for service to begin.  (We love coffee!)

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